Resurrection Sunday

“Resurrection accomplished redemption and asks for our response.” This sentence was the only slide from the Easter sermon. I actually liked how the pastor approached today, given that it is probably the single-most day that people from all backgrounds go to church. He summarized the history of the Bible; the fact that all of these … More Resurrection Sunday

Life After College

So much has happened and changed since graduation—it’s been almost a full year already—and a core theme for myself and a lot of the people I’ve talked to is around purpose. In college, your career purpose was to basically do well in school to find a job. For the most part, we also had a … More Life After College


I had this thought today to start and note the many things I’m learning in post-grad through the news, podcasts, books that I venture upon. I felt like I’ve never gotten a chance to fully explore and articulate my thoughts on these topics and I end up not being about to talk about them. It … More Musings